Assault Charges

OMQ lawyers have successfully defended clients accused of all types of assault charges including domestic assault, aggravated and sexual assault, assault with bodily harm and other criminal charges.

Drug Offences

Possession, trafficking and/or production of narcotics such as cocaine, marijuana and other drugs are serious charges that require an effective, strategic defense tailored to a given situation.

Driving Offences

Over 80 charges are the most common drinking and driving offence. OMQ can assist you in dealing with cases of over 80s, impaired driving and other serious charges. It is important to contact a lawyer immediately to ensure that you have a strong, balanced defense against any such charge.

White Collar & Fraud Crime

If you are a business professional accused of a non-violent crime, it is important to get in touch with a legal advisor as soon as possible. Charges of bribery, corruption, fraud (Internet, credit card, misappropriation of funds, etc.) can be complex and involve a lot of gray areas leading to mistaken or inappropriate charges.

Corporate & Commercial

The world’s business environments are in a constant state of flux, requiring businesses to stay on top of the latest developments. This can be a burdensome task for many of our clients, consequently, at OMQ, we make it a priority to keep on top of the latest business and legal developments so that we can help our clients navigate through these developments in addition to assisting with day to day corporate and commercial requirements.


Our Securities and Capital Markets Team has significant experience in acting as both external and in-house legal counsel for a full range of corporate finance initiatives, including start-up capital, public offerings and private placements.

Outside General Counsel

For modern businesses requiring legal counsel – the bottom line is cost and benefits. Reduced cost and risk = better business. Call us today to learn about the benefits of our general counsel packages which provides a strategic, modern approach to the evolving role of lawyers within corporations…

Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are large, sophisticated, and well financed entities – if you have a valid claim against an insurance company that is denied, you need an advocate on your side that will battle on your behalf to help you assert your contractual rights.