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OMQ Law (O’Neill Moon Quedado LLP)

We provide a strategic, modern and affordable approach to the evolving role of lawyers within corporations and the community. As a small Toronto based law firm, our focus is on the client. We offer services for corporate, criminal and litigation cases.

Corporate & Commercial Law Services

Work with OMQ Law to stay on top of the latest legal developments in your sector. Our Toronto business lawyers can help navigate your company successfully through commercial business law requirements and corporate transactions including business structuring, partnerships, and contract negotiation.

Securities Law

Our Securities and Capital Markets Team has significant experience acting as both external and in-house legal counsel, helping businesses reach their financial goals. Get executive-level counselling on a full range of corporate financing initiatives for your business.

Outside General Counsel

Our corporate lawyers provide legal advice to management teams to meet legal needs on business structuring, joint venture agreements, commercial agreements and more. Learn what our general counsel services can do for your business. Call us today.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking to make significant changes to your business? Our Mergers and Acquisitions team are experienced in representing acquiring companies, target companies and financial advisors. We can help determine the next step for your business’ success.

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Our Toronto business lawyers can assist small businesses and rising entrepreneurs get started. If you need a cost effective solution to traditional legal services, OMQ Law will help ensure your business succeeds by providing you with strategic legal, business and financial advisory services.

Corporate Strategy

Our Toronto corporate lawyers can help you craft a competitive corporate strategy. Reach your business goals by working with us to address your business challenges, maximize your corporate portfolio, and improve your existing corporate structure. Consult with OMQ Law free.

White Collar Crime

Accused of a corporate crime? Get in touch with our corporate legal advisors. Charges of bribery, corruption, and fraud involve a number of gray areas. With our skills and experience, we can interpret the evidence and challenge white collar crime charges where appropriate.

Assault Charges Defence

Our assault lawyers have successfully defended clients accused of all types of assault charges. We defend clients against being wrongfully accused, charged or imprisoned by investigating all claims and evidence closely with the aim of getting your side of the case heard.

Drug Possession & Trafficking Offences

Possession, trafficking and/or production of narcotics are serious charges. With legal advice tailored to your case, our Toronto criminal lawyers can help guide you through the process with a well thought out defense strategy, ensuring that every defense possible is considered.

DUI Offences

OMQ can assist you in dealing with the most common drinking and driving offences such as over 80s and DUI charges. Contact our Toronto DUI lawyers immediately with your case to ensure a strong defense against impaired driving charges.

Personal Injury Litigation

Work closely with an OMQ personal injury lawyer to assert your rights. We focus on working to get the best settlement for your case in accordance with regulations on unsafe working environments, injuries due to car accidents or someone else’s negligence.

Corporate Litigation

Resolve legal problems your company may face with a corporate lawyer from OMQ. We focus on legal issues related to mergers and acquisitions, partnership agreements, incorporations and more. Protect your business at every stage.