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Accused of Domestic Assault in Toronto?

If you are accused of domestic assault, you have every right to be advised and defended before the law. Our lawyers are here to help you to drop domestic violence charges.

You are presumed innocent until proven guilty and charged, and you have every right to a free trial.

Our firm will defend you with tooth and nail and ensure that all of your legal rights are respected regardless of your guilt.

Whether you committed the offense or not, experienced lawyers can certainly find several possible solutions for your case.

What falls under domestic violence?

Domestic assault is generally perceived as brutal physical violence. But there are other types of domestic violence as well:
– psychological abuse (not a crime)
– verbal abuse and threats of violence or threats of causing bodily harm or death
– sexual violence (sexual assault)
– simple assault or injuries
– attempted murder
– manslaughter.

Domestic violence can be excercised gradually, in small steps, not as a single big violent act. The violent person can certainly be brutal and hit the victim, but he or she can also exercise violence in many other ways. These include, for example, unpleasant remarks, hurtful insinuations or small humiliations that happen every day. A prohibition of certain activities or controlling the partner’s activities including to whom they speak, what they do, money control and similar acts are also a manifestation of domestic violence.

The force used in these situations doesn’t have to be direct but indirect as well. What’s important is that it is intentionaly used against another person.
Threats used in such situations have to make the other person believe, on reasonable grounds, that a harmful act will be done to them.

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