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How To Become A Licensed Marijuana Producer

With the legalization of recreational use of marijuana soon to pass in Canada, it is not surprising that the upcoming changes are building an interest in producing marijuana in Canada. If you are interested in producing marijuana, you will need to apply to become a licensed producer.  As you can imagine, the application process is … Read more »

Asset Acquisition

Acquisition refers to a business takeover, buying someone else’s business. There are three ways to perform the acquisition in Canada: to purchase the assets to purchase the shares  statutory amalgamations (less common)    For the last 30 years in Canada, there have been 16,103 business acquisitions reported whereas only 4,871 new businesses were created. Out … Read more »


What is Incorporation? Incorporation is the legal process of forming a business corporation. A corporation is a type of business structure, a legal entity that sets it apart from its founders. In that way, business founders are not responsible for corporate debts and obligations and creditors cannot sue them for liabilities incurred by the corporation. … Read more »

What to Expect in Severance Pay in Ontario

Severance pay refers to an amount of money that an employee gets from an employer when the contract is terminated earlier than it was initially supposed. When an employee loses his job although he had a long-term contract, he can get paid to compensate the loss. Severance occurs when a company where the employee works … Read more »

Partnership Agreement

What You Should Know About Creating A Partnership Agreement   When starting up a partnership with friends or family members, it may seem like an ideal business structure to operate.  Not only are you comfortable and have an established relationship with your future partners, but you are also naturally confident that you can trust and … Read more »

Small Business Grants

As an aspiring small business owner, the one priority you may have is finding the financial support and options that are available to you. In addition to bank loans, money from family and savings, one other option to take advantage of are small business grants. While getting approved for a business grant is generally more difficult … Read more »

Business Structures: Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Partnerships

If you are starting a business, choosing between different business structures such as sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporation can be difficult if you do not know the advantages or disadvantages that come with each structure. Whether you are buying an existing business or creating one, you should have a firm grasp of the basic characteristics of … Read more »

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana from Dispensaries in Toronto 2017

The Boom of Toronto Dispensaries According to Leafly, there are more than 90 marijuana dispensaries in Toronto at the moment. The official number or list of Toronto dispensaries is not available because they open and close every day. Since marijuana legalization has been officially announced and expected by July 2018, it isn’t any wonder that … Read more »