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Famous White Collar Criminal Cases from Canada

white collar crime

In our minds the word criminal is usually associated with a street drug dealer or a robber who sneaks into a bank at night, but in recent decades these types of crimes have been decreasing in number. A criminal can easily be a well-dressed businessman who comes to work every day and uses advanced financial … Read more »

White Collar Crime Defence

white collar crime defence

Being under investigation for white collar crime can negatively impact all aspects of a person’s life, especially the professional sphere, because such accusations can have serious consequences on one’s career. The accusations can also hurt the value of a company’s shares. This is not a rare occurrence. Anyone can get accused of white collar crime. … Read more »

Being Accused of Sexual Assault

sexual assault in ontario

When a person is accused of a criminal offense, it does not necessarily mean they are guilty. Quite the opposite; many people get acquitted after proving there are no grounds for the accusation. With crimes of sexual nature, a lot depends on the credibility of the alleged victims. As we always point out, it is … Read more »

Accused of Attempted Murder

Getting accused of attempted murder is a pretty serious charge. The maximum penalty for an intent to kill a person is prison for life. It is essential to consult a criminal lawyer as soon as charges are brought against you. That is the best way to proceed with the analysis of your case and establish … Read more »

How Likely Are You to Get Legal Aid in Ontario

The institution of legal aid in Ontario exists to ensure that every citizen has the right to justice. Access to justice means being able to afford legal services. It exists in all provinces in Canada, Ontario being one of them. The money for legal aid usually comes from both federal and provincial government. Our lawyers’ … Read more »

How Many People Smoke Weed in Ontario?

Even though marijuana is an illegal substance in Canada and many other countries around the world, it is consumed in significant amounts. Actually, it is the most popular illegal drug with the highest number of references in pop culture, music videos and TV commercials. There are a lot of people who smoke weed in Ontario … Read more »

When Can the Police Stop My Car?

can the police stop my car

People often ask the question about when the police can stop their car. Can the police randomly stop just any car they don’t like, or do they need to have a valid reason? The policemen’s actions must not be based on curiosity, personal beliefs or similar reasons, but on reasonable grounds. They must always have … Read more »

Crime Rates That Are On The Rise In Toronto (2005– 2015)

Crime rates in Toronto are in decline each year. We took a look at official information from the government to analyze data from the last decade. Indeed, it can clearly be seen that the absolute number of police reported crime is falling. The same is true for relative numbers as well. However, this might not be … Read more »