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Small Business Grants

small business grants

As an aspiring small business owner, the one priority you may have is finding the financial support and options that are available to you. In addition to bank loans, money from family and savings, one other option to take advantage of are small business grants. While getting approved for a business grant is generally more difficult … Read more »

Business Structures: Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Partnerships

If you are starting a business, choosing between different business structures such as sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporation can be difficult if you do not know the advantages or disadvantages that come with each structure. Whether you are buying an existing business or creating one, you should have a firm grasp of the basic characteristics of … Read more »

Seed Capital vs Venture Capital

venture capital

There are several different methods of financing a new venture, but they can be lumped roughly into four different stages – and everyone who is starting a business should get to know them better. Seed capital is the first stage, when you raise funds to start a business. It is often followed by venture capital, … Read more »

How to Start A Business in Ontario

how to start a business

In this day and age, it is now common for people to want to start their own business. From online services to brick and mortar stores, there are many opportunities on what kind of business you can establish.  However, despite the wide range of possibilities, there are many obstacles to actually starting a small business. … Read more »