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Accused of Domestic Assault in Toronto?

domestic violence

If you are accused of domestic assault, you have every right to be advised and defended before the law. Our lawyers are here to help you to drop domestic violence charges. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty and charged, and you have every right to a free trial. Our firm will defend you with tooth … Read more »

Extortion in Canada – Crime Statistics and Definitions

Unofficially known as blackmail, extortion (stealing by coercion) represents a serious offence in Canadian Law. In some cases it can lead to years in jail or lifetime imprisonment. For that reason, having a good criminal lawyer who is experienced and works in their client’s best interest is crucial. For example, sometimes words are taken out … Read more »

Being Accused of Sexual Assault

sexual assault in ontario

When a person is accused of a criminal offense, it does not necessarily mean they are guilty. Quite the opposite; many people get acquitted after proving there are no grounds for the accusation. With crimes of sexual nature, a lot depends on the credibility of the alleged victims. As we always point out, it is … Read more »

Accused of Attempted Murder

Getting accused of attempted murder is a pretty serious charge. The maximum penalty for an intent to kill a person is prison for life. It is essential to consult a criminal lawyer as soon as charges are brought against you. That is the best way to proceed with the analysis of your case and establish … Read more »

When Can the Police Stop My Car?

can the police stop my car

People often ask the question about when the police can stop their car. Can the police randomly stop just any car they don’t like, or do they need to have a valid reason? The policemen’s actions must not be based on curiosity, personal beliefs or similar reasons, but on reasonable grounds. They must always have … Read more »

Know Your Rights #1 – Criminal Laws in Canada

criminal laws in canada

If you have been charged with an offence, and are not taken into custody (i.e. the police station or jail), you will be given a piece of paper that is a ticket or summons which has information that tells you what you have been charged with and may provide you options.  Typically, a ticket, such … Read more »