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What are the different forms of corporate restructuring?

corporate restructuring

Running a business can be tough and unpredictable, even if you have years of experience. In certain cases, you may want to consider restructuring your company. With a new structure your business may stand a chance for recapitalization or taking advantage of a potential opportunity. This is a list of different types of corporate restructurings. … Read more »

Corporate Mergers: Vertical and Horizontal Merger

horizontal merger

Merging of two companies implies that these companies will join forces and exist under one single ownership. When two or more firms merge and they operate in the same industry, that is a horizontal merger. When the competition is high, there is more potential to gain market share when you merge horizontally. A vertical merger … Read more »

How Are Conciliation, Mediation And Arbitration Different?

Mediation arbitration Comparison

Although mediation, conciliation and arbitration have the same purpose, the process differs in the level of formality, responsibility and improvisation. In each case, a third party is involved in the dispute resolution process between the parties. Mediation is focused on dispute resolution regardless of the outcome of the relationship between parties, whether they will conciliate … Read more »

Articles of Dissolution- How to Dissolve a Corporation in Ontario

how to dissolve a corporation

There are two types of corporations, a business corporation and a not-for-profit corporation. We have already discussed what steps you need to take to incorporate a business in Ontario. Unfortunately, not all businesses succeed. Sometimes you are forced to shut your business down and when you make that decision, the most important document you need … Read more »

Top Reasons to Have a Shareholder Agreement

shareholder agreement

A shareholder agreement is an agreement between shareholders of one corporation. It is also called a stockholder agreement. Which provisions consist of a shareholders agreement depends on the corporation and their shareholders, as well as on the purpose of the agreement. It usually explains shareholder’s rights and responsibilities and the document should be stored in … Read more »

How to Incorporate a Business In Ontario

how to incorporate in ontario

What is Incorporation? Incorporation is the legal process of forming a business corporation. A corporation is a type of business structure, a legal entity that sets it apart from its founders. In that way, business founders are not responsible for corporate debts and obligations and creditors cannot sue them for liabilities incurred by the corporation. … Read more »

Partnership Agreement

partnership agreement

What You Should Know About Creating A Partnership Agreement   When starting up a partnership with friends or family members, it may seem like an ideal business structure to operate.  Not only are you comfortable and have an established relationship with your future partners, but you are also naturally confident that you can trust and … Read more »

Seed Capital vs Venture Capital

venture capital

There are several different methods of financing a new venture, but they can be lumped roughly into four different stages – and everyone who is starting a business should get to know them better. Seed capital is the first stage, when you raise funds to start a business. It is often followed by venture capital, … Read more »