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What to do when you have joint venture disputes?

joint venture disputes

Any business or individual taking part in a joint venture knows that such projects do not come without its share of risks. Though joint ventures can start out with the best of intentions and even with a joint venture agreement in place, not all issues can be avoided. Joint venture disputes can be complicated because … Read more »

How Shareholder Agreements Can Protect All Parties

The shares of public companies can be the subject of thousands of stock transactions per day. For shareholders of public companies, the roles of a company’s management group (“Management”), the board of directors (the “Board”) and the shareholders are pretty clear.  In general, Management is responsible for the day-to-day operations, the Board is responsible for … Read more »

Resolving contract disputes in Ontario

dispute resolution

Sometimes, when two parties are working together, a dispute or conflict in understand occurs.  How to resolve a contract dispute in Ontario? The first step is to check what does the contract say about resolving disputes. If the contract is silent or unclear, you should consult a contract lawyer and get professional help. Contract issues … Read more »

Joint Venture Agreements

joint venture agreement

A joint venture is a specific type of business model where two or more like-minded parties pool their resources, expertise and finances to collaborate and work together on a specific venture towards a certain goal. Joint ventures are advantageous, but they are not without their complexities. Because two or more parties are involved that may not … Read more »

What are the different forms of corporate restructuring?

corporate restructuring

Running a business can be tough and unpredictable, even if you have years of experience. In certain cases, you may want to consider restructuring your company. With a new structure your business may stand a chance for recapitalization or taking advantage of a potential opportunity. This is a list of different types of corporate restructurings. … Read more »

Corporate Mergers: Vertical and Horizontal Merger

horizontal merger

Merging of two companies implies that these companies will join forces and exist under one single ownership. When two or more firms merge and they operate in the same industry, that is a horizontal merger. When the competition is high, there is more potential to gain market share when you merge horizontally. A vertical merger … Read more »

How Are Conciliation, Mediation And Arbitration Different?

Mediation arbitration Comparison

Although mediation, conciliation and arbitration have the same purpose, the process differs in the level of formality, responsibility and improvisation. In each case, a third party is involved in the dispute resolution process between the parties. Mediation is focused on dispute resolution regardless of the outcome of the relationship between parties, whether they will conciliate … Read more »

Articles of Dissolution- How to Dissolve a Corporation in Ontario

how to dissolve a corporation

There are two types of corporations, a business corporation and a not-for-profit corporation. We have already discussed what steps you need to take to incorporate a business in Ontario. Unfortunately, not all businesses succeed. Sometimes you are forced to shut your business down and when you make that decision, the most important document you need … Read more »