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Stunt Driving Traffic Violations in Ontario

stunt driving

Traffic tickets can be issued for a number of violations for drivers that are trying to get from point A to point B. However, there are times when drivers are not on the road to travel to a certain place in particular, but rather, are using the roads and highways as a racing track for … Read more »

Hot Topic: Perjury


Perjury dictionary definition: Perjury is the willful giving of false testimony under oath or affirmation, before a competent tribunal, upon a point material to a legal inquiry. Perjury defined under the Criminal Code: Section 131 (1) Subject to subsection (3), every one commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person who is … Read more »

Ottawa Gun Violence Statistics 2010-2015

As Ontario’s capital, Ottawa is known for many things such as the Rideau Canal, Parliament Hill and the Royal Canadian Mint. However, one thing it probably is not widely known for is its high gun violence rate. Ottawa has previously been seen as a safe city in Ontario, yet ironically, Ottawa’s number of shooting incidents … Read more »

Gun Violence In London, Ontario – 2011-2016

Like it or not, Canadian firearms incidents across Ontario is a common occurrence in urban cities like London. In the past, there has been a steady number of gun violence incidents in the city. 2011, in particular, had a high rate of gun violence. Since then, the number of guns seized have climbed in number each year. … Read more »

Gun Violence in Hamilton, Ontario

For Hamilton, gun violence has been stable over the last few years, but the city is already experiencing a spike in gun-related violence this year which isn’t surprising. Over the years, Hamilton has experienced a high number of firearm incidents which you could find in Hamilton news. According to Hamilton’s Discharge of Firearms By-law, you … Read more »

Gun Violence And Homicide In Toronto – 2015-2016

Defined as any violence that involves the use of a gun or firearm, gun violence is something everyone is familiar with, whether or not they have been personally involved in a related incident or not. Gun violence can include incidents ranging from gang related walk-by shootings and homicides to random public shootings and armed robbery. … Read more »

Life After A DUI/DWI: 4 Things To Consider

This article was shared with OMQ Law by Matt Rhoney from The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of OMQ Law – although we do appreciate Matt Rhoney for sharing his perspective with us.    If … Read more »

Defending Against Charges for Drunk or Impaired Driving

It happens every day that people with no prior criminal record get arrested for criminal offences. Such charges are often for drunk driving, DUI (driving under the influence) or over 80s, as it is usually called. The charge may come as a shock to the arrested person, because it’s a situation no one ever thinks … Read more »

Famous White Collar Criminal Cases from Canada

white collar crime

In our minds the word criminal is usually associated with a street drug dealer or a robber who sneaks into a bank at night, but in recent decades these types of crimes have been decreasing in number. A criminal can easily be a well-dressed businessman who comes to work every day and uses advanced financial … Read more »