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Contract negotiation: Contract Legal Advice in Toronto, Oakville and London

A business contract is a legal agreement between two parties that protects you and the other party from unwanted misunderstandings. In the event a business dispute arises, you may be able to rely on the business contract in court. Each business contract will or should have certain terms and conditions, some standard and others very specific, and that’s why contract negotiation is so important. If you want to make sure your business is protected, you should consult a lawyer to help you with contract negotiation and drafting. 

Our business lawyers in Toronto, Oakville and London Ontario can help you with these types of business contracts: partnership agreement, shareholder agreement, joint-venture agreement, business sale contracts, franchise agreement, asset purchase agreement, non-disclosure agreements, and business services agreements.

Drafting contracts

When the time comes to formalize a business agreement with another party, the first thing to have in mind is drafting a contract. You need to be sure that the contract covers all important aspects of one legally binding document. If you want to protect your business, you need to focus on contract negotiation as the first step when drafting a contract.

What are the terms that the other party would accept or not? Can you negotiate better terms for your business? Are you satisfied with the obligations that come when you sign the contract? These are all questions that need answers and if you are having a difficult time with contract negotiation, you can always seek professional help from a business lawyer.

At OMQ law offices in Toronto, Oakville and London you can find expert guidance and help with contract negotiation. Our business lawyers can help identify critical issues to be considered in the contract and draft the best possible contract terms and conditions. Furthermore, our lawyers will assist you in contract presentation and execution. 

It is important to have a contract that will be acceptable by the other party as well. At OMQ law offices, we know how to draft a contract that both parties will understand and accept by focusing on win-win solutions. At the same time, we protect your business interests and ensure that the contract you sign will be good for your business and will protect you from unwanted pitfalls.

Business contract core terms

Even though you think you understand the terms of the business contract, it is better to consult a contract lawyer before signing anything. A contract lawyer will explain  what your rights and obligations under a contract and discuss the various terms and risks of the contract. At OMQ law offices, our business lawyers can help you decide what actions to take before contract signing. Like other business decisions, you need to think carefully about the context of the contract and to consider the terms of contract termination, possible breaches and liabilities. 

Not every negotiation results in a legally binding contract and that is another reason we recommend that you consult with a business lawyer with experience in contract negotiation. A contract that is legally binding must contain certain criteria and also cover the specific terms relevant to your business. It is our goal to point out potential liability issues and contractual obligations before you enter into  a binding business contract.

How can a lawyer help with contract negotiation?

Our business lawyers in Toronto, Oakville and London can help you with contract negotiation in the following ways:

  • Help you draft a contract that will protect your interests
  • Explain your rights, obligations and the terms of contract
  • Point out the consequences of contract termination 
  • Clarify what actions can result in breach of contract
  • Define your limitations of a liability clause 
  • Represent your business during contract negotiations

If you do business with another party or you want to buy or sell a business, don’t take any risks and seek legal help for drafting a contract, contract negotiation and review. Contact our business lawyers in Toronto law office, Oakville and London as well, to get legal protection and expert guidance on contract matters.