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Our Securities lawyer and Capital Markets Team have significant experience in acting as both external and in-house legal counsel for a full range of corporate finance initiatives, including start-up capital, public offerings and private placements.

As  an example, our securities lawyer has had executive-level experience in managing public companies engaging in corporate finance transactions. In addition, we also have executive-level experience in managing start-up companies through corporate finance transactions. In short, our Team has already faced and handled the same legal challenges that you now face.

Whether these are challenges raised by competition or new industry trends, our goal is to help your company to develop and explore new avenues of finance through a variety of methods and a full range of financial tools. We can assist and navigate you through securities regulations intelligently and in a cost effective manner. Our past experience as both company executives and external counsel provides us with a dual perspective that enables us to better understand our client’s goals throughout the corporate finance process. As a result, we can provide our clients with the expert advice required to meet their  goals.

To this end, OMQ Law will provide you with a  corporate securities lawyer  who is prepared to work one on one with your team. Rest assured, our securities lawyers will  strive to make sure that the strategies developed are tailored to your situation and be based on solid, fundamental corporate law principles.

Our Securities Law Services Include:

  • Advising issuers and underwriters through a wide range of equity and debt financings, including start-up financing, mezzanine financing, public offerings and private placements
  • Structuring of corporate finance transactions
  • Advising on securities regulatory requirements for public offerings and private placements
  • Advising on stock exchange listing requirements and ongoing compliance matters
  • Maintaining compliance with continuous public disclosure requirements