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Start-Ups and Rising Entrepreneurs

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Once upon a time, you came up with an awesome business idea and you decided to turn that idea into reality.

Now you’re either:

  1. trying to figure out how to get your new venture started; or
  2. you’re in charge of your StartUp and are devoting most of your time towards bringing your idea to market.

The StartUp Canada team at OMQ understands your situation because they’ve been in your situation.

Our StartUp Lawyers have extensive experience in:

  1. founding and successfully growing in international tech company focused on office productivity software;
  2. managing private equity institutions that have financed, managed and guided numerous start-ups;
  3. venture capital financing terms and conditions.

Our StartUp practice has been organized to provide StartUp Canada businesses with trusted advice throughout all stages of their business lifecycle. This includes day-to-day legal advice (including our Outside General Counsel Services) to representing clients on corporate finance transactions, significant transactions or mergers and acquisitions. Our StartUp Canada team members can also provide you with valuable advice on business planning, strategic planning and corporate finance planning.

Alternative Payment Arrangements

If you are like a lot of other Start-Ups, your financial resources are limited and you may not have the time to find additional personnel, key advisors, investors or partners. One of the last items on your priority list may be the need for legal advice.

If you’re running a Start-Up that successfully completes our due diligence process, OMQ will work with you to create a billing arrangement that is consistent with your company’s situation.

For more information on our alternative payment arrangements for qualifying Start-Ups, please contact one of our lawyers.

Our services include:

  • Strategic legal, business and financial advisory services
  • Business structuring
  • Incorporations
  • Partnership agreements
  • Contract negotiation
  • Angel financings, venture capital, private equity and public offerings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Access to foreign markets including Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China and Singapore