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Criminal Law Firm London Ontario

criminal law firm london ontario

Whether you need a free legal consultation or a drug lawyer based in London,we can provide you with advice based on our knowledge and experience.

OMQ priorities are:

  • to represent you and your rights in the court
  • to put our best effort to withdraw the charges
  • to minimize any potential sentence

DUI charges

Ontario drinking and driving laws are very strict and punishable by the law. Our London criminal defence lawyers can assist you in dealing with the most common impaired driving offences. Contact our London DUI lawyers immediately to ensure a strong defence against DUI charges. We have experience in fighting first-time DUI as well as second-offence DUI.

Drug possession offences

With professional legal advice of our London criminal defence lawyers, you can rest assured that you have the best possible defence strategy. Drug possession is a serious crime, especially when it comes to cocaine, heroin, crack possession. Marijuana possession is still illegal and if you are charged for possession of marijuana, you should take it serious.

Drug trafficking

If you are convicted for drug trafficking you can expect serious penalties, including jail sentence. The complexity of penalties depends on the amount of the drugs and the type of drugs. Whether you are charged for drug trafficking or possession of the large amount of drugs for the purpose of drug trafficking, you can face severe consequences. You need to have an experienced lawyer to represent you in front of the court.

Stunt driving

Another criminal offence is dangerous, stunt driving and it is considered as a traffic violation. For dangerous driving you can expect fines, to get a criminal record, a license suspension, probation. It can be really hard to fight stunt driving charges unless you have a reliable legal team behind you. Our criminal lawyer in London, Ontario can build a defence strategy tailored to your specific situation. If you are charged with stunt driving call our London criminal defence lawyer to get the best possible defence.