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Criminal Law

OMQ Law Group includes a criminal law practice that has successfully defended clients against a number of charges.

Our Toronto-based defense criminal law firm is experienced at creating a strategic and tailored defense for offences involving assault charges, drug possession and trafficking, drinking and driving related infractions, and crimes involving white collar fraud.

At OMQ Law Group, we know that each criminal defense case is unique. We will set you up with a  criminal defense lawyer  who will work to achieve the best possible outcome for your criminal case.


criminal law

Criminal Lawyer Toronto

OMQ Law’s criminal defense lawyers will evaluate the facts and analyze the evidence thoroughly, determining which factors benefit your case and which ones work against it. Your criminal defense lawyer will work with you closely to consider all possible outcomes and liabilities to achieve a solution that satisfies you and your situation, regardless of what the criminal charges are.  We work with you to create a highly personalized strategy against the prosecutor’s case.

Moreover, we ensure that you understand your own defense strategy every step of the way. This is because OMQ Law respects your decisions and input on the development of your case. We understand that most people are not familiar with legal proceedings, legal jargon or have no knowledge of how the legal system works, which we know can be intimidating and unnerving for first time offenders.  At OMQ Law, our criminal defense lawyers  take that extra step to explain everything in common terms. One of our goals is to make sure that you have a clear picture of where you stand, whether your case involves drug possession or assault charges.

Our team ensures that you get the best criminal defense counsel available, one who understands the complexities of the Canadian legal system and who will work with your best interests in mind.