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White Collar & Fraud Crime

Crimes can  occur in many forms, and the possibly the most damaging to companies are white-collar crimes. These are usually financially driven and non-violent, carried out by business and working professionals. The term “white collar crime” implies a large set of charges. They  stem from financial fraud charges, embezzlement, public corruption, investment fraud, money laundering, bribery, extortion, identity theft and much more. White collar crime often involves large sums of money and the accused person can experience a high level  of stress upon realizing all the possible consequences.

This is because white collar crimes have very strict penalties, which naturally makes  the very  first step of the accusation process crucial.  The allegations and charges involved are complex and should not be met without proper legal counsel. This is where OMQ Law steps in.  The OMQ team of white collar crime lawyers can work towards providing the best possible advice for all types of white collar charges in Toronto. In every instance, OMQ Law is dedicated to putting together an intelligent, effective and thorough defense strategy.

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Our white collar crime lawyers are knowledgeable and skilled in negotiating and resolving corporate issues.   They understand that the consequences of white-collar crime are not only legal, but damaging to your reputation and the reputation of your business. Thus, our goal is to ensure that we work closely with you on your case, understanding your business and the charges laid against you from the ground up. The experienced and skilled legal representatives of OMQ Law  can  craft a defense aimed at lowering the criminal penalties as much as possible to preserve your reputation.   

Consult with us and we can help guide you through the many legal aspects of your case.  Contact us immediately to discuss your case and find out how we can help you.


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