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What to Do If You Have Been Denied an Insurance Claim?

Fighting with insurance companies can resemble a fight between David and Goliath. Even though all the evidence shows that you have the right to an insurance compensation, it can be denied to you. This happens for various reasons. For example, the company doesn’t have enough data or there is a non-compliance in the insurance contract. Also, the company argues that the insurer had caused the injury, etc.
Getting into such disputes without an insurance lawyer can be pretty stressful for an individual. It is usually someone who has gone through a catastrophe or a personal loss, and now even a demand for small compensation has been denied.

Stay Calm

You don’t need more stress than what you have already endured. In these situations it is important not to be overpowered with emotions. Try to rationally start a procedure to claim all rights that belong to you. It is always best to start immediately, because there are some legal time limits for claiming the compensation.

Get Help from an Insurance Lawyer

If the initial consultation with the insurance advisor becomes unsuccessful, it is necessary to get an expert on the case who will help you put the law to your best use and address all the critical issues on time. Collect all relevant documents and data you have and give them to your insurance lawyer who will expertly assess the situation and decide what would be the best next step.

We at the O’Neill Moon Quedado LLP are ready to come to assist you in all fields related to insurance disputes. We take every request seriously, and have the right resources and knowledge to move the case forward and get the best deal for each of our clients. The cases we like the most are the ones where all odds are against us, but we manage to overcome them all to the client’s best benefit.

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