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Thank You Very Much!

He did not talk down to me or judge me, he was very respectful, did not look down on me, and in court he spoke with authority, and confidence……he really knows what he is doing, very professional, and I like him. If I or a friend is ever in need your services again, I will be sure to refer them. My mom told me after that the victim and her family apologized to my mom for the ordeal that I went through… and my family apologized vice versa. In the end I am just happy the way things turned out Scott presented his submissions very clearly and to the point. I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate so thank you Scott, very much!


The Best Decision of our Lives

I was charged with a very serious offence in January of 2013. My wife and I hired Scott O’Neill that same month. It was the best decision of our lives. He is thorough very professional lawyer, but does not set aside the personal aspect of what you are going thru. We went thru the provincial court system and then on to the supreme court. Every step of the way he was available to answer our questions and to explain to us what was happening and what to expect next.

During the trial there was a point that he needed to make and the question he wanted to ask was being objected to by the crown. There was a hearing set to discuss where he could ask this question and he won the right to be able to ask his question. In his cross-examination of the crown witnesses he was able to show enough holes and discrepencies in the testamony that I and my wife felt confident enough that we did not testify.

He handled the questioning in a professionial, efficent and compassinate manner, yet still able to get his point across to the judge. In his handling of the witness he won the respect of the judge and of the court staff present in the court room. I would highly recommend Scott O’Neill for any type of case.

He has the respect and admiration of myself, my wife and of all the people that were with me in the court room on a daily basis. He won our case and I was aquitted of all charges. My wife and I have nothing but praise for the job that he did for us.


Second Chance

Choosing Scott O’Neill as my lawyer was one of the best decisions I have made. Scott was very professional, always made himself available if I had any questions and provided prompt responses that were concise and actionable. Scott was very committed to my case and was always looking out for my best interests. He was a beacon and guide in a very dark and difficult time and helped me navigate through the complex legal system. The outcome was amazing and I can’t thank Scott enough for his thoroughness, attention to detail, hard work and dedication.
To ensure the best representation towards a positive outcome for yourself, your family, or your friends, I feel strongly you’ll be making the right choice by obtaining Scott O’Neill as your lawyer. You will find Scott to be respectful, welcoming, professional and responsive, and you can feel confident putting your trust there. With Scott’s help, I now have a second chance in life.


I Would Definitely Recommend

I was very happy with your services and I felt the entire time that Gary Quedado had my best interests in mind and was always looking to ensure I was not being taken advantage of in regards to a new corporation I was investing in. I would definitely recommend O'Neil Moon Quedado.