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Gun Violence In London, Ontario – 2011-2016

Like it or not, Canadian firearms incidents across Ontario is a common occurrence in urban cities like London. In the past, there has been a steady number of gun violence incidents in the city.

2011, in particular, had a high rate of gun violence. Since then, the number of guns seized have climbed in number each year. These guns have been seized from police raids and busts and guns that have been traced, or tracked down by police when they can’t determine where the gun came from.   

To add to this, carding and street checks have been more commonly and widely used than it has been in Ottawa, Hamilton and Windsor. Overall, there were 8,400 street checks in 2014 alone, a practice that involves police stopping and randomly questioning people who aren’t under investigation.

London has cut back on them recently in anticipation of Ontario’s upcoming ban on street checks and carding that will happen in January 2017. Unsurprisingly, London police have said that the lack of carding is already hindering their fight against guns and gangs, ultimately leading to restricted interaction and hence, intervention with gun related incidents.

Violent Crime Vs. Weapons-Related Crime

Overall, the number of violent crime incidents in London has gradually declined over the years from 2010 to 2015 with an exception of a slight increase from 2014 to 2015. The number of crimes that involved offensive weapons have increased, however. Thus, while the general number of violent crimes decreased, the number of weapons-related crimes, has increased.

Year Violent Crimes Crimes Involving Weapons
2011 2,872 237
2012 2, 623 264
2013 2,475 280
2014 2,381 268
2015 2,542 331

Because of this, London residents need to take extra precaution. The most notable Canadian firearms incidents and shootings have happened in certain areas around London.

Mapping Out Gun Violence In London, Ontario

To get a better idea of where these incidents are occurring in the city, below is a visualization of the most notable gun incidents across the city of London between 2011 and 2016.

London Shootings Gun Violence 2010-16

The shooting incidents from the past 5 years have been mainly in the downtown London area. Below are some notable shooting incidents:

  • In 2011, there were shootings that happened at the same locations, but at different times during the year. Two shootings occurred within the vicinity of a bar on Richmond St. and another pair of shootings occurred, months apart, in the Kipps Lane and Arbor Glen Crescent area.
  • There was the unsolved murder of Jonathan Zak in 2012 that still remains an opened, unsolved case. He was shot on a walkway between a cemetery and public school in the Victoria St. area. 
  • In 2013, a tragic family murder-suicide occurred when a mother, father and their daughter, who suffered from cerebral palsy, were found dead from gunshot wounds in their apartment.
  • One shooting in 2015 included Jeremy Cook, who tracked his lost cell phone to 3 suspects in a car and was shot multiple times after a confrontation.  

Canadian firearms incidents can have many different results, not just homicides. For instance, not all shooting incidents mapped above resulted in death or were intended. Some people were injured in a public crossfire, a couple of people escaped random shootings, and a few incidents involved a robbery. Though, not added to our map, even an online threat of gun violence is taken seriously enough for London Police to take action.