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Up in Legal Smoke: Canada’s Marijuana Mess

Marijuana is a hotly discussed topic in Canada, as 44% of Canadians have tried cannabis at least once in their lifetime (according to Greencamp). It brings about lots of opposing views and passionate debates. By analyzing available data on marijuana usage and law enforcement in this infographic, we wanted to bring more to the discussion table. We used data from official government sources to show that the Canada marijuana is one big legal mess. Despite being illegal, marijuana is still heavily consumed (via smoking, vaping or as cannabis edibles). Plenty of people go unpunished for breaking the law, but those who do get charged end up with a criminal record that marks them for life. The Canada mairjuana law enforcement rate seems arbitrary. The arrest and charge rates differ a lot depending on the geographical region, while the usage rates don’t.

That could be an indication that enforcement depends on the police division and/or a court office.


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