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Life After A DUI/DWI: 4 Things To Consider

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If you’ve been convicted of a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated), things can get incredibly messy for you. Ultimately, drinking and driving can wreak complete havoc on your life. While every drunk driving situation is incredibly different, the outcomes can be somewhat similar.

If you haven’t looked into the repercussions of this offense, check out these 4 things to consider before making a mistake that could cost you (a lot).

Expect Some Possible Jail Time.

If this isn’t your first offense, don’t let yourself be surprised if you’re required to spend at least a few nights in jail – though this depends heavily on the state in which you’re convicted.

Be Prepared To Lose Your License.

It’s pretty standard practice that if you’re caught drinking and driving, your driver’s license will be suspended. The arresting officer will most likely take your license at the time of arrest and give you a temporary one that’s set to expire on the date of your hearing. If you successfully plead your case at the hearing, your license may be returned to you; otherwise, it may be suspended for a certain amount of time.

Be Prepared To Spend A Lot Of Money.

You’ll probably get charged with countless fines. Court costs and the price of a good lawyer are also things to consider. If you get given an Ignition Interlock Device to have installed in your car – basically a breathalyzer that won’t let you start your car if your BAC is too high – the upkeep costs a certain amount monthly.

Another gadget the judge may stick you with is an ankle bracelet that detects alcohol in your sweat – which means no drinking, ever. The upkeep of this will be the offender’s responsibility as well. Drug and alcohol counseling classes may be mandatory and they certainly cost a pretty penny. You can also expect your insurance to skyrocket.

In Texas, you could be looking at anywhere around $16,500 in total costs for a DUI or DWI conviction. Drowning yourself in the possible debt that could come from this can decrease your credit score greatly.

What About Your Current Or Future Job?

Once your DUI or DWI is official, it will most likely pull up on any background check that’s done for you. Depending on your situation and employer, you could lose your current job; and depending upon what potential employers look for, they may not be able to overlook your conviction. A DUI or DWI can stay on your record for at least five years, but it depends heavily on the state you’re in.

Final Notes:

According to car accident lawyers in Fort Worth, Tate Law Offices, in most cases, if you’re hurt in an accident by a drunk driver, it’s important to get an attorney. Compensation is probably wed to you and having a great lawyer is the best way to get what you deserve.

Remember to think twice about drinking and driving – you never know what could happen. One mistake can lead to a lifetime of consequences.