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How Likely Are You to Get Legal Aid in Ontario

The institution of legal aid in Ontario exists to ensure that every citizen has the right to justice. Access to justice means being able to afford legal services. It exists in all provinces in Canada, Ontario being one of them. The money for legal aid usually comes from both federal and provincial government.
Our lawyers’ team also works with legal aid. We are among 4,000 lawyers in Ontario who do so.

The Total Number of Lawyers Providing Legal Aid Services

Source: Canada Statistics

Each of your applications will be carefully examined. However, you should have in mind that not all applications for legal aid are approved.
In Canada, slightly more than 65 percent of all legal aid applications get approved.

legal aid in canada

Source: Canada Statistics

Legal Aid Ontario – Statistics for Criminal Cases

In Ontario, that percentage is a bit lower and presents around 40 percent.

legal aid in ontario

Source: Canada Statistics

But the rate of legal aid approval for criminal cases in Ontario is much higher — more than 80 percent. This means that, out of five people accused of a criminal offence who applied for criminal aid in Ontario, four will have it approved. That is a good percentage.

legal aid for criminal cases in ontario


Source: Statistics Canada

The main reasons for legal aid refusal are Financial Ineligibility and Coverage Restrictions. The first one depends on the amount of income of the accused, while the second depends on local regulations and on the case itself.

reasons for legal aid refusal in canada

Source: Statistics Canada

That is especially the case in Ontario.

reasons for legal aid refusal in ontario


Source: Statistics Canada

To conclude, the stats are not that bad, and if you want to know more, the best is to consult with our lawyers.