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Local Businesses

When you have legal issues and you hire a lawyer, you will probably need services from some additional businesses. Below is a listing of complementary services to give you a well-rounded and complete range of legal support and resources.

Process Servers

If you are going to court, a process server is legally required for filing court papers to a defendant and serving or retrieving legal documents. Here are some Toronto-based process server businesses:


Hire a local investigator that will work closely with our criminal lawyer to help build a strong case:

Bookkeepers, Accountants

Do you want to sell or buy a business? Together with our corporate lawyer, these bookkeepers and accountants can guide you through the entire process and help you build a financially successful business:

Insurance Agents

Need to renew your car or life policy? These insurance agencies can provide you with the best services in Toronto:


Need to translate a lawsuit? These Toronto translation agencies deliver translating material from one language to another for your business and personal needs:


Find your nearest Notary Public to conclude your legal affairs:

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