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Certified Copies

Certified Copies OMQLaw

Applying for a government document or submitting an application will require not only personal information, but official documents, as well. Oftentimes, those official documents are highly sensitive and government-issued, ranging from identification cards to status certificates, that you will not want to mail in or submit.

Sending in your documents, such as a physical passport or identification card, is not something anyone would feel safe sending in the mail. Fortunately, in most cases, where stated, certified copies can be accepted as a substitution for that part of the application submission.

What Is A Certified Copy?

Certified copies are photo copies that are authenticated to be true copies of the original documents. Having certified copies prevents you from having to send in the originals, which can open you up to the possibility of losing them, having them stolen, or having them damaged during delivery.

Original documents for which you may need a certified copy for include those such as:

  • Health Card
  • Ontario Age of Majority
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

A certified copy may be required for different purposes, whether for government application, court purposes or commercial requirements. In some instances, you will need certified copies when applying for a replacement document, such as your proof of citizenship, and photo identification is needed.

You may also need certified copies for use in another country and your original documents are in Ontario. Certified copies of original documents are also needed for official transactions that require ID such as cashing in your RRSP if needed.

Please always confirm that the organization that you are submitting documents to will allow the submission of certified copies.

How To Get A Certified Copy?

To get a copy of a document certified, you must, of course, first have a photocopy of the original document. If it is a government issued card, you will need to photocopy both sides of the card. Ensure that all details are visible and the photo as well as the information and any signatures are clear and legible.

You will then need to take those photocopies to someone who can attest to its authenticity. The people authorized to authenticate or certify copies varies by organization and jurisdiction. At OMQ Law, your documents will be certified by a Notary Public.

To obtain a certified copy from OMQ Law, you will need to bring the following:

  • The original document
  • The copy of the original document

How To Ensure A Copy Is Certified?

To officially certify a document as a true copy, our Notary Public will need to first examine the original document and compare it to the copy you have provided.

Once our OMQ lawyer is satisfied that the copy is a true copy of the original, he will note down their official position, print their name, date it, and sign the document with their signature.

The Notary Public will then provide his/her contact details, and affix the notary public seal on the copy to certify it as a true copy and insert a statement saying the photocopy is a true copy of the original document. This copy can then be submitted to the organization requiring the documents.

*Notary Public – COVID Office Hours Notice
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