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Consent To Travel Letters

Consent To Travel Letters OMQLaw

While it can be exciting to travel abroad, it can also be stressful to ensure that all your travel documents are in order. This is especially true when it comes to travelling with children, who will also require documentation to board airplanes or by boat.

There are unique situations in which children travel on their own or with only one parent. For example, for parents who are divorced or separated, sharing custody of a child could mean spending time with the child without the other parent. This may involve spending time on vacation, and even travelling out of the country. Or in other cases, there may be a time when your children may be travelling as part of a sports team or on their own without either parent present.

For such situations, your child will need a consent to travel letter.

What is a Consent to Travel Letter?

A consent to travel letter is meant to help Candian children enter a foreign country or re-enter Canada when travelling. Essentially, it states that the child has permission to travel either without both parents or guardians, or with only one parent.

Immigration agents in foreign countries and Canadian officials may request this information when the child is leaving or entering the country. However, note that because each country has its own requirements and laws to enter and exit, a parents consent form will not guarantee that the child is allowed to roam easily to and from a certain country.

Note that a consent letter to travel is not a legal requirement, but is recommended and even mandatory for some airlines to check that all children travel with one.

How do I write a Consent to Travel Letter?

A consent letter to travel should include:

  • Your child’s information: name, birth date, and any special needs or allergies
  • Name of the parent, guardian, or group the child is travelling with
  • The contact information of the person or group the child is with
  • Add a description of the child’s travel destination

You can find a letter of consent for a child to travel with one parent sample from the Government of Canada.

The letter should be signed by every person or organization that can make decisions for the child who is not accompanying the child while travelling, but has access to the child. This includes those with custody or guardianship rights. The consent letter will have to be signed by both parents if the child is travelling alone.

You should have the consent to travel letter certified, stamped or sealed by an official and witnessed. Our OMQ Toronto Notary Public can notarize your Consent to Travel Letter.

How do I get a consent to travel letter notarized?

When getting your consent to travel letter notarized by OMQ Law, there are a few things you will need to prepare for your appointment. This will depend on your situation:

a) When a Child is Travelling with One Parent

The non-travelling parent must attend the appointment in person and bring:

  • the completed, but not signed Consent to Travel Letter
  • a valid piece of photo identification.

b) When a Child is Travelling Alone or Without Both Parents

Both parents must attend the appointment in person and bring:

  • the completed, but not signed Consent to Travel Letter
  • a valid piece of photo identification.


To ensure that everything is in order with your child’s trip and the necessary travel documents, contact the nearest embassy or consulate of the country to which your child is travelling.

We also recommended that you seek out and research any and all travelling advisories that pertain to Canadians and international travel.

We also recommend that you talk to one of our OMQ Notary lawyers about any possible legal issues that may apply to you and your child’s unique situation.