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Practice Areas

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White Collar Crime

For all types of crime made in the professional world, it is of outmost importance to get an experienced lawyer immediately.

Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act

Our lawyers have lots of expertise in various aspects of charges related to corruption in Toronto.

Domestic and Sexual Assault

Being convicted of a crime of violent or non-violent assault can have serious consequences. Get in touch with an expert lawyer as soon as possible

Driving Offences (DUI, over 80s and more)

Our lawyers have extensive experience with all types or driving offences and they pride themselves in a high rate of success.

Murder and Manslaughter

Serious charges or violent crime should be dealt with using the help of a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer in all steps of the process.


Contact experts who will help you overturn a criminal conviction or have it reduced.

Search Warrants

Make sure that your rights when dealing with search warrants and lawful entry are respected.

Drug Offences

Get in touch with professionals who are specialized in charges of possession, distribution, cultivation and trafficking of drugs (marijuana, cocaine etc.).

Insurance Disputes

Hire an expert lawyer to help you ensure you contract rights if they have been denied by your insurance company.

Corporate & Commercial

Our team provides assistance with all corporate and commercial legal tasks that your business needs to stay on top of.

Fraud Charges

Our lawyers have successfully defended clients accused of all types of fraud charges, from small to very sophisticated.


Our legal experts cover all types of corporate financial initiatives, such as start-up capital, public offerings and private placements.