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Right to Silence

The right to remain silent is the right of an individual not to make a statement when questioned. It exists in many legal systems, including Canada. A person questioned by a police officer is not obligated to respond.

Silence in front of the police or court of law cannot be used against you.

Basically, remaining silent to any question by authorities is every person’s right, and it won’t we used against you. That is not a sign that you have something to hide. You are just exercising your right.

Lawyers usually advise their clients to remain silent when faced by police officers, because experience has taught them that in many cases it is the clients’ statements that make it possible for the police to lay charges.

It is very important for a person interrogated by the police to ask for their right to speak with a lawyer.

The right to silence is a fundamental right of a suspect or witness in their contacts with investigators. A suspect’s decision to exercise their right to silence is sometimes the key factor in helping them avoid a conviction.

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