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White Collar Crime Defence

Being under investigation for white collar crime can negatively impact all aspects of a person’s life, especially the professional sphere, because such accusations can have serious consequences on one’s career. The accusations can also hurt the value of a company’s shares. This is not a rare occurrence.
Anyone can get accused of white collar crime. Directors, managers, CEOs and similar high-position business professionals are under higher risk. Some statistics say that around a third of all organizations in Canada report being affected by this crime.

What is white collar crime?

Sometimes it is called financial crime or fraud, and even though it shares some of their characteristics, white collar crime can’t be equated with them.
It is a type of non-violent crime committed in the corporate world. It includes embezzlement in the private sector, tax evasion, computer crime and fraud connected to financial accounts. As the business society progresses, the list keeps growing, and the crimes on the list usually cause a certain amount of financial damage.

Given that the corporate world is so diverse, these types of crime are regulated by multiple laws. Some of them include: the Criminal Code, the Competition Act, the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, Food and Drugs Act, the Copyright Act and others.

How to defend?

When a person is accused of white collar crime, it is crucial to have an expert look at all the evidence. The lack of knowledge and experience can prove disastrous for the accused and the company, so it is of highest importance to have an expert look at the data.
An experienced lawyer should be present in all phases of the investigation from search warrants to the hearing or court proceedings.

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