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Advantages of Mediation


Mediation is a process when two parties try to resolve disputes without going to court. A third party person, called a mediator, helps them negotiate a settlement. A mediator cannot make decisions on behalf of the parties involved in a dispute. He can do everything in his power to get the best possible result- an … Read more »

The Toronto Police Cracked Down On Your Marijuana Dispensary, What Now?

Canada’s current marijuana legislation limbo has been having a big impact on almost every marijuana dispensary in Toronto. As the Toronto Police’s raid on marijuana dispensaries took place last week, the legal lines of marijuana—or lack thereof, are being argued and scrutinized over more than ever. The Toronto Police raid on marijuana dispensaries across Toronto, … Read more »

How Much Do Services of a Criminal Lawyer Cost?

criminal lawyer fees

One of the questions that often gets asked when discussing legal matters is how much does hiring a lawyer cost. To help you make a good decision when choosing a criminal lawyer, we will give you some guidelines in further text that you should follow. The importance of legal services First of all, it would … Read more »

All You Need to Know About Bail Hearings in Toronto

bail hearings

Bail hearings are an important stage in the criminal court process because it determines if the accused individual will be held in custody until the matter is resolved or released to the community. Time spent in custody can be months or even years. A bigger part of bail hearing occurs in the Ontario Court of Justice … Read more »