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Extortion And Drug Trafficking

extortion and drug trafficking

No one is a stranger to the concept of blackmail and the making of threats. In the Criminal Code, this is known as extortion. Extortion is the act of making threats, accusations or inflicting violence in order to induce someone to do something.  Despite this simple definition, extortion is a complex offense and can cover … Read more »

Famous People With Driving Criminal Records

driving criminal records

When you are famous, you are expected to go partying and to have fun often. But often, it comes with serious driving consequences that can result in criminal charges. Sometimes it seems like there is hardly a celebrity in the whole world without a DUI record or an arrest for speeding or some other infraction. … Read more »

Driving While Intoxicated: Auto Insurance Implications

This article was shared with OMQ Law by Shop Insurance Canada. The views expressed in this article Driving While Intoxicated -Auto Insurance Implications are solely those of the author in their private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of OMQ Law – although we do appreciate Shop Insurance Canada for sharing their … Read more »