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Outside General Counsel

One of our primary goals at OMQ Law is to have each client view us as an extension of their own team and our Outside General Counsel services are designed to achieve that goal. Hiring Outside General Counsel services can be an ideal option for your business in a number of situations.  

It can be a cost effective alternative to hire a lawyer when needed rather than hiring and retaining a full-time lawyer. Acting as your outside general counsel, these lawyers may perform a vast majority of your company’s legal work, providing you with advice on any number of matters that involve corporate, employment  or administrative laws.

With an Outside General Counsel lawyer you can get the expertise you need on a case-by-case basis. Because outside general counsel lawyers work with a wide range of companies, they have experience resolving a variety of legal issues that may be similar to the ones your company may be facing. This may be ideal for when you need legal advice on either common or unique issues like employee-employer disputes that occur only occasionally or for niche businesses in heavily regulated industries that require specialized legal advice on compliance laws.

Outside general counsel can also be an ideal option for start ups. In most cases, getting legal advice on employment law from outside general counsel can help you get informed on laws and regulations at a fraction of at a fraction of the price of traditional law firms.  For instance, if you need help with contracts and agreements, Outside general counsel can be an efficient way to get guidance on interpreting terms and conditions or have an agreement drafted and reviewed for third parties.  

Our team of lawyers are also corporate lawyers in Toronto with extensive General Counsel and in-house counsel experience and have worked with a diverse range of companies. At OMQ, you can get  cost-effective legal services for your everyday legal needs. This enables you to  avoid the overhead costs involved with hiring full-time counsel or incurring traditional law firm billable rates.

We can assign your case to a highly adaptable lawyer with strong project management skills, saving you time and money on corporate law advice for both private and public companies. Our lawyers can quickly get familiar with companies, their management teams, and their day to day operations.

It begins with your designated OMQ lawyer meeting with your management team to learn about your business. Once we have gained an intimate knowledge of your business, we design and implement a work arrangement that meets your legal needs.

This may include having your OMQ lawyer work out of the client’s location on designated days or participating in client meetings. Developing this type of close-knit relationship with a client allows OMQ to provide you with the same proactive legal advice you would receive from an in-house corporate lawyer.

Common Outside General Counsel Services include:

  • Business structuring
  • Commercial agreements
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Purchase and sale of a business
  • Supply and distribution agreements
  • Operating agreements