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Personal Injury Litigation

If you or a loved one was in a car accident or harmed while in the workplace, our OMQ ‘s personal injury lawyer Toronto is prepared to guide and support you throughout the personal injury law process. OMQ Law knows that making a personal injury claim is not only financially and physically frustrating, but emotionally frustrating as well.

This is why the team of personal injury lawyers at OMQ Law takes a personal approach to your case. We focus on the legal process for you, so you can focus on getting your personal life in order as you recover from your injuries, undergo therapy or focus on your family. Our goal is to help victims, like you, through all kinds of accident claims. The relationships we develop with our clients are highly personal, making sure that we communicate openly and frequently with you on any concerns about your case or about your situation. We help you take that next step.

As lawyers, we commit our time and resources on your case to ensure that your rights are represented. The end goal? To see that you are awarded the compensation to which you are entitled. Every step of the way, we take measures to go over the claims, evidence and testimonies of everyone involved, leaving no stone unturned. Our work ethic and standards allow for nothing less.  Where appropriate, we will even find the expertise when needed to ensure you are getting the best possible representation.

OMQ Law is an Ontario-based firm with a focus on accident law that will provide you with legal advice specific to your case and in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations, whether it involves an unsafe working environment, a car accident or someone else’s negligence.

Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients get back to their lives. Rest assured that at OMQ Law, you get a qualified and compassionate personal injury lawyer Toronto servicing Toronto and the GTA.